Dating on a Budget


Valentines day is coming up and who doesn’t love a nice date? Well, I guess it depends if you’re paying! Dates are great, but they can become expensive really quick. I mean, to go the movies for two is pushing $50. Movie tickets are between $10-$15 a person, and let’s not even get started on the cost of popcorn, candy, and a drink! Now, this in no way means that you can’t splurge every now and then, but doing it all the time can break the bank!

Let’s think fundamentally about the purpose of a date. The purpose of a date is to get to know someone, spend time with your significant other, and have fun! It doesn’t matter how much money a person is spending, it’s the thought, and the creativity that can make a date much more exciting than a meal and a movie.

My husband and I have been married for a little over 7 months and we have challenged ourselves to think of different ideas to not only save money, but also to be more creative in the time that we spend together.

Here are some ideas for dating on a budget:

  • Cook a meal together. Cooking together can build trust, create a team effort, and you can see how your love interest fairs in the kitchen!
  • If you live in area that has free concerts or festivals, take advantage of that! They are always fun. (especially in the summer)
  • Wine tasting –We live near the Fingerlakes (NY) and wine tasting is like it’s own culture. What’s great about wine tasting is you can sample several different wines for a very low fee. Sometimes, as low as $2 a tasting.
  • Have a cup of coffee! – Most cities and towns, have great local coffee shops where you can get coffee and other specialty drinks. Coffee shops are great places for conversation, and simply enjoying each others company.
  • Do something active! Go on a hike, go rock climbing, take a walk in a beautiful garden.
  • Movie night in–Grab your favorite movies, a blanket, and your loved one. Snuggle up and enjoy!
  • Couples massage – Who doesn’t love a massage?
  • USE GROUPON!! Groupon is awesome when it comes to date night ideas. You can even personalize your Groupon account to pick out deals that can be used for date nights. You can always save money with this for a variety of things: restaurant deals, massage deals, shows and concerts, and even getaway weekend deals.

Don’t go broke, trying to impress him/ her it will be damaging in the long run. Plus, if that “special” someone is only interested in what you can buy or give them, then they might not be the right person for you.

Remember! It’s the time spent, not the money that is most important when dating. Have fun!!

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