Student loans paid off in 10 years!!

How You Can


So….have you ever felt like you’re NEVER going to pay off your student loans? Are you so overwhelmed at the amount of student loans that you have to pay back? Have you thought about being a professional student forever so that you just keep putting off payments?  🙂 When I did my exit counseling after graduate school, I was just in shock. I was desperately trying to figure out how I would pay my loans back without going in the hole, or something that would help me along the way.

As a social worker, working in a Title 1 agency, I was eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness  program. As long as I continue to work in a Title 1 agency and  pay 120 payments which as about 10 years worth of payments, all of my Federal Direct  student loans will be forgiven.  You do not have to have a certain type of degree, but there are criteria that you have to meet in order to qualify. Click the link above!

Are your student loan payments too high? Are they more than what you can afford? If you took out federal student loans click HERE to find out if you are eligible for income based repayment, income contingent repayment or pay as you earn repayment plans.

Private loans are difficult to repay and unfortunately many of the repayment programs are not available for people who have taken out private loans. However, many of the private loans have repayment options that will make it easier on your pockets. Check with your private loan servicer to find out your options if you can’t afford your payments.

I hope you find something here that saves you some money or shortens your repayment time! Any more info on student loan repayment or forgiveness plans? Share your experience and comment below! Also, check with your school to find out what they offer for forgiveness or repayment options. Look for more student loan forgiveness and repayment programs below.

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Association of American Medical Colleges Loan Repayment and Forgiveness Programs 

National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program 

American Bar Associations Loan Repayment Programs

Nurse Corps Loan Repayment  Program 

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3 thoughts on “Student loans paid off in 10 years!!

  1. lderringer says:

    Student loans are killer! My husband and I have them and it’s the only debt we have. Our goal has always been to pay them off in 5 years and right now we are on track to have them gone by the end of 2015. I finished grad school 2 years ago, and that was the last student loan debt we’ve accumulated. Neither of us qualify for student loan forgiveness so we’re just making payments as fast as we can and finding ways in our budget to cut costs and use that money for student loan payments. It’s not always fun and we have to sacrifice things, but having no more student loan debt is worth it to us.

  2. Kendwy @mindofkiwi says:

    Sallie Mae is the devil! Lol
    Exit counseling was torture for me. I’m a teacher and I qualify for the 10 year plan. In the end, the interest is so high that they get more than what I owe in those 10 years. Wahhhh.
    I considered going for my phd in order to defer them. Professional student for life? That’s me! Lol

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