Defining your style


We all have style even if we think we don’t. When you walk out of your door every day, there is a certain way that you want to look, and a certain way you want people to see you. When you think about how you define your style, think of it this way: If your best friend were to describe how you dress, what would he/she say?

Here are 7 things to consider when defining your style:

1. Your age – Men and women: The way you dressed when you were 16 is not the way you should be dressing when you are 25. The way you dressed when you were 25 may not be the way you should be dressing at 40. Why? Because just as you have changed physically and mentally, emotionally, so should your style.

2. Consider your lifestyle and profession: – Do you work from home? Do you go out a lot? Travel? Are you in corporate America? Are you required to speak in front of people a lot? Are you always on the go? Think about how your lifestyle plays a part in what you wear.

3. Is there a person or retail store that inspires how you dress? The person doesn’t have to be a celebrity, it could be your next door neighbor or the woman who works across the hall, or the guy you see in church every Sunday. Do you like the style choices at a specific store? (One of my FAVORITE stores is The Limited!)

4. When you get dressed, think about what you want to achieve with your outfit. Even wearing certain colors can give off non-verbal messages. (We’ll talk about that later!) For example, if you are going for an interview, what you wear can make or break your chances.

5. Think about your physical features, and how you can tastefully flaunt them. Do you have nice broad shoulders? A small waist? Toned arms? Or Long Legs? Choose clothing or styles that will accentuate what you have been blessed with! Within reason of course 🙂

6. Find a signature! What do you love to wear? What’s your favorite color? What can you do to enhance your style to make it uniquely yours? For example, my husband loves bowties and colorful socks. That’s his signature. When you have a signature, people will begin to notice a trend and will look forward to see what you will wear next!

7. Trust yourself! If you don’t feel right in something, find an alternative. Don’t force yourself to have a certain style if you are not comfortable with it.

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2 thoughts on “Defining your style

  1. Etheldra Christel Sharp says:

    You are right on point there about fashion. I support your blog and look forward to future readings. You go girl…
    Hey!!! I’ll be in Rochester the week of July 20 – 27, perhaps we can get together and chat about your next blog.
    Stay focused..


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