Honey, we need to talk…

Discussing finances

If you are in a serious relationship, discussing finances are as important as discussing marriage. Knowing where you each stand financially is so important before making big decisions as a couple.

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t omit the truth from your loved one. A lie begets a lie and could be detrimental in the long run. Be open to share.

Come to the conversation prepared. If you need to print out credit bills or loans that you are paying on, bring those statements with you. You may even want to bring a copy of your credit report. Ask your partner to do the same.

Do not point fingers. If your loved one is in a worse financial situation than you, don’t make them feel bad about it.

Along with not pointing fingers, don’t be defensive. Hold your self accountable and take responsibility for yourself.

Encourage one another. Money is not the easiest subject to talk about and can leave you very vulnerable. Let your partner know that you are there for them. Give them comfort as they share with you.

Use the conversation as a launching pad to reach some of your financial goals! Whether your credit is excellent or needs improvement, this is a perfect time to create individual and collective goals to benefit you both.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with what you are dealing with, don’t let finances push you away from each other. Consider seeking out financial advice from a professional. There’s nothing too hard that can’t be fixed

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6 thoughts on “Honey, we need to talk…

  1. theaccidentalmama says:

    I also find that it is good to use “counselling” and “feeling” words and phrases. “I feel as though”, “it comes across as” instead of accusations. This applies when fighting too. This process has been carefully researched through our years of “non-fighting”. So far so good.

    Love the post. You are fab.


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