Earn Money from Your Online Purchases!

Earn Money

I loveeee to shop online..who doesn’t? Couch. blanket. tv. laptop. online sales. My perfect Saturday!  If you haven’t heard of EBATES, you have been missing out!!

I have been a member of Ebates.com since 2008 and so far have been paid a total of $206.77 on my online purchases. I’m expecting a check for $33.08 on August 15 of this month. I found Ebates when I was searching for ways to save on textbooks when I was in undergrad and have continued to use it since then..but now I use it for everything

The way Ebates works is that you get a percentage back based on how much you spend on your online purchases (before tax).

Cash back percentage can vary from 1% to 40% or sometimes a cash amount of $2-$99! Sometimes even more! Ebates often has cash back promotions especially around the holidays

Joining EBATES is SIMPLE & FREE and is a total benefit to YOU!

1. Click this link to JOIN EBATES

2. When you get ready to shop, sign in to Ebates.com

3. Search for your desired website.

4. Click to view coupons. Some of these coupons are EXCLUSIVE to Ebates! Copy coupon codes (just in case) and use them when you check out.

5. Get a BIG FAT CHECK! Big Fat Checks can be paid via PayPal or they will send a check right to you! I’ve tried both, and have found that PayPal is the best form of payment if you want it quick!

Join EBATES. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

9 thoughts on “Earn Money from Your Online Purchases!

  1. Rachel says:

    I love Ebates and have been using them for about 2.5 years! I’m always telling my friends about it but now I’m just going to refer them to your blog post to explain the perks!

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