A Delay is Not a Denial!

D R I N K  I N  T H E  W I L D  A I R

Have you ever felt like you aren’t where you’re supposed to be? Like you are here on this Earth to do more than what you’re currently doing?  Wondering why you aren’t being offered opportunities that will maximize your qualities and skills?

We live in a world where all we see is success. We hardly see the struggle or the story behind it which causes us to want what we feel we deserve right now. There are things we think we could handle, but we really have no idea, because we just see the outside. I ask God to enlarge my territory all the time, but I am going to start praying a different prayer. I want to first thank God for what I have right NOW. For the blessings he’s bestowed on me thus far. For never leaving me or forsaking me, and preparing me for what I KNOW he will bless me with.

This is short and sweet. A delay is not a denial. God knows the desires of your heart, and he is just marinating your blessing! While you’re waiting for a door to open, praise him in the hallway!

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13 thoughts on “A Delay is Not a Denial!

  1. Erica says:

    I’m at a point in my life right now where I just abruptly feel very unsettled, and I’ve been praying daily for direction on what to do career-wise or peace with staying home with my sweet baby. God’s plans have always been better than my own, so I’m trusting that my patience in waiting on Him will pay off.

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