A Prayer For My Brother

A Prayer For My Brother

My brother, Ken and I are two years apart and he is one of my best friends in the whole world. Growing up, he was the homebody, and I was always the independent one. When we became teenagers, I was the one who talked about going far off to college, traveling abroad, living across the country. He was the one who said he wanted to stay home for college and be close to Mom and Dad. It’s funny because what ended up happening was, the complete opposite. For undergrad, I went to school only 3 hours away in the same state,  and ended up going to grad school even closer. Ken went away to school in a different state. Yes, I traveled abroad, and briefly lived in California, but it was my brother who ended up venturing off further, and at a younger age than I did. For grad school, my brother is going to the University of Miami a whole 1,500 miles away (insert tears here).

I pray that he is covered and reaches all the goals and is offered all the opportunities that God has for him. I pray that God opens doors in ways that he can’t even imagine. I pray that he increases his knowledge base so that he can be the best in his field.  I pray that God gives him strength during this season of preparation and study. I pray that he continues to be a man of standard and that his faith and knowledge of our Heavenly Father increases. This is only the beginning! In Jesus’ name pray, Amen.

In light of recent issues with the execution of Mike Brown, this prayer is particularly important. Even as an educated man, he remains a threat to society for simply being a Black man. I could be afraid, I could be worried but I know he is in God’s hands. In Dr. King’s famous speech I Have a Dream, he reminded us that”out of a mountain of despair is a stone of hope.” And you Ken, are a stone of hope. So, instead of being sad or worried bout him moving, I’m happy for him and excited to visit him in the Sunshine State. Help me congratulate and send well wishes to my brother!

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