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T U N E  I N T O  O U R  Y O U T U B E

Have you heard of Mint? It is online financial planner software that helps you keep track of all your financial accounts. The financial accounts can be anything from an IRA to a car loan to checking accounts. also helps you reach financial goals whether it’s saving for a car or reducing your debt.

I used for about 3-4 months, and this is what I thought:

Things I liked:

  • is like a big dashboard for you to see your entire financial profile on one screen.
  • It helps you keep develop and keep track of your financial goals.
  • Easy to use
  • The graphics and pie charts are great visual representations of your finances. They give you an idea of where you may be doing well or where you may need to improve.
  • Reminds you of bill payment due dates via email. This is great if you have bills due on multiple days of the month (Like most of us!)
  • Alert you of finance charges and late fees. This feature gives you an idea of how much you’re spending in fees that you could potentially avoid

Things I didn’t like:

  • It was separate from all of the financial institutions we were involved in so we were required to provide the logins and passwords for all of our different accounts. This made me extremely uneasy in the case there was a security breach.
  • The accounts did not always update automatically so just about every time I logged in, I had to enter my passwords again for some of the accounts.
  • You can only have one goal per bank account –This makes sense but if you are using one savings account for multiple goals, it makes it difficult; particularly for more short term goals like saving for vacation
  • There were some purchases that were not included in the budget which would throw it off – especially if you wrote checks

To summarize, there were more things that I didn’t like, specifically giving the account name and password. I felt that it wasn’t for me, however, I do think the concept is great and is a good option for personal finance software! If you have used what was your experience like?


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Disclaimer: Please use this review at your own discretion. You are reading this product review at your own risk. This is a personal blog, and this product review is my personal opinion that has not been influenced by anyone including anyone who represents I was not compensated for this review.

48 thoughts on “Product Review:

  1. thatmamajama says:

    I liked for a while, but soon realized there was a fairly long lag in time between when I would spend, and when mint would update with the change in my finances and budget. This was a little while ago though, so maybe it’s better now. I’ll have to look into it again! 🙂

  2. Jenna @ A Savory Feast says:

    My friend was just telling me about this site. She said it helped her a lot! I am a little hesitant about providing my bank login info, but other than that I think it is a great way to organize your finances and save for your goals.

  3. lderringer says:

    We use Mint. It sounded great at first, and there are some good qualities to it, but overall I’m not a huge fan. My husband still uses it occasionally. It never updated our student loan companies so we always had to do it manually and if I wanted to do that I could just look at the company website haha. Great review!

  4. laurelwads says:

    I use the mint app. I love it. It all connects with my bank just fine. The only down fall is when I got to target and buy clothing, food, cleaning products on one transaction I can’t split it. Drives me crazy!

  5. laurelwads says:

    I use the mint app. I love it all except how you can’t split the transactions. For example when I go to target I buy food, clothing, make up, cleaning supplies etc all in the same transaction. It drives me crazy!

  6. kireilauriel says:

    Fair analysis of mint’s services. 🙂 I think security-wise, it’s a matter of comfort with technology… 15 years ago, I was highly skeptical of shopping online (giving out your cc #), and now it’s my main way of shopping.. so maybe this will become more widely-accepted over time. I don’t personally use it, but some of my friends work for the company, and I’ve heard lots of great things about it…


  7. Liv says:

    Funny this is what I’ve heard about mint! I’m always looking for a one stop shop! My bank offers a similar type of program, that works! Thanks for this honest review. The lag time would have been a bummer

  8. Selbe says:

    I’ve heard of mint and it’s on my phone but I haven’t actually used it. I’m kinda weary of putting all my info into an app.

  9. Ayana Pitterson says:

    I hav actually used mint for a while, but found some of the similar annoyances that you discovered. The whole reason to have things centralized is that I don’t have to keep entering, well in my case, remembering all these different usernames and passwords. I do like the concept however, I just don’t think they are completely there yet.

    Thrifting Diva

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