Are You in A Season of Sacrifice?

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Lately, I have been talking to God, thanking Him for his love, his mercy, and the favor over my life. This is my constant prayer, but I have thought about where I was several years ago, and where I am now.  The last couple of years have been pretty good. I graduated with my masters, got a job to start my career, got married, we’ve traveled, splurged, bought a car (my husband too!) I mean, life has been good. I’m not at all bragging, but my point is there are moments in life where we are not totally strapped by our situations whether that means financially or by time. There are moments in life where we can live life a little bit more freely. But the question is, how did we get to this point? Sacrifice. 

Prior to all of those wonderful things happening, I was in season of sacrifice. I had just graduated from college, was going to grad school full time, was working part time as a manager at retail store, and had a graduate assistance. I was sacrificing my time in a huge way. I literally had no time. There were moments during those two years where I would wake up and just wonder how I was going to make it. I was so stressed out and I felt like a guinea pig on a wheel…just getting nowhere.  I didn’t have a social life, I missed my friends, and every moment of time was being occupied by something. I was sacrificing my money. I could have found a job where I was getting paid much more, and perhaps could have gone to school part time, but I didn’t feel like this was what God wanted me to do. There were times when my account was overdrafted, I was spending more money on gas than what I was bring home in paychecks, all the while having to pay rent, keep the lights on, and pay my bills. I wasn’t completely on my own, my parents, and my boyfriend (now husband) helped a lot to make sure I stayed afloat. But, me being the person that I am, I did not always express when I needed help because I did not want to be a burden on my loved ones.  

That season allowed me to appreciate the moments that I have been able to enjoy now. Had I not gone through what some people may call a valley, I would have not been able to appreciate or show gratitude for what I have today.  I was just preparing for my blessing. I knew that God had more for me, and I stayed the course. I kept pushing. I kept pressing. We cannot always expect things to change when we want them to; and we can’t (ever) expect life to be handed to us on a silver spoon without working towards what we want.  Here’s an example: If you say, “I want to purchase a house in 2 years.” What will you have to do to prepare for that? Are you just going to wait for two years and see where you are? Most likely not. You may will have to make some changes. For most of us, that would mean putting money away for a down payment and tightening our budget. Pulling back on some things for a while so that you can afford to not only purchase the house in 2 years, but have a comfortable lifestyle (At least for me! I don’t want to be house poor!) This is sacrifice.

In my conversations with God, he told me, “Alright now, Fatima. It’s time again.” It’s time for another season of sacrifice. There are things that my husband and I want for ourselves, that will require us to sacrifice some of what we enjoy now. Not going out as much, maybe taking one nice a trip a year instead of three or four, sticking to the budget, pulling back on how much we are shopping, spending more time studying than watching TV every night (I’m back in school). This is will just be a period where I am pulling back to be elevated to the next level of what I know God has in store for me. 

If you are in a season of sacrifice,  don’t give up. Don’t let go. Know what you are working towards. Know that what you are sacrificing now, you will be blessed with later. You are working towards your purpose. In due time, you will see and appreciate all that you had to go through.

Are you in a season of sacrifice? Share you stories so we can encourage each other! 

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

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56 thoughts on “Are You in A Season of Sacrifice?

  1. logancan says:

    Ohh my, yes! My husband and I just received news (god news, but very surprising) that is definitely putting us in a season of sacrifice. We are so blessed, but it is definitely time to strap back and pinch pennies for a while. This is a great post. Thank you for the encouragement today. 🙂

  2. Stephanie Cox says:

    What a thought provoking post. I feel like my time in Texas is a long, almost 2 year season of sacrifice. I knew that we needed to move here to better our family and for my husband to excel at his job. I’m sacrificing seeing my family and friends and raising our son around family. This season, like all others, will come to an end sooner or later and we will head back to Ohio. I just put my faith in Him, knowing He has my best interest at heart.

    • Freely Fatima says:

      Absolutely. My mom recently told me that when she and my dad first got married (25 years ago) my dad promised her that he would bring her back to New York State (they moved to San Francisco right after they got married) and he kept his promise! They moved to back New York in 2001. And now they are both closer to family. Stay the course lady! God will give you the desires of your heart ❤

  3. susiereece says:

    Wow! I think I have definitely experienced a “season of sacrifice” before. I didn’t look at it in this way though. Thank you for sharing. This definitely made me look back and be thankful for today!

  4. Jenna @ A Savory Feast says:

    I’m definitely in a season of sacrifice right now! I have been for awhile actually. I had to sacrifice time and money to get through school. Now I’m done, but I’m still having to stay in this season of sacrifice for awhile in order to start my career and prepare for the future. Thanks for the encouragement that there is a purpose behind this and that God will use it to teach me and prepare me. I’m looking forward to coming out of this season soon!

  5. Sierra Burton says:

    One of my favorite quotes is from a leader in my church named Gordon B. Hinckley, and he says “what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment you will ever make”. HOld on and stay positive. It will all work out 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  6. joanncrohn says:

    Great post! Always makes me feel better to know that life comes in weighs. Nothing is ever constant, so eventually the the times when sacrifice is necessary will make way for something better.

  7. Katie Matthews (@XKatieMatthewsX) says:

    I totally get this. I really would love to be able to buy a house and have more than one holiday a year, but the BF and I just can’t afford it at the moment. So frustrating! I know I could probably tighten my belt though and put away a certain amount of money every month!

    Totally agree it won’t just ‘happen’!

    Katie ❤

  8. Trish says:

    Yes! And it seems like I have been for a long time now. Things get a little better, then a little worse, then back again. Just trying to keep my head up and know that there’s a way out of it eventually!

  9. Alyssa says:

    Going through the sacrifice can be so hard at times, but it’s good to know that God is there to help and that trials or sacrifices are here to build us up and make us strong.

  10. mishka824m says:

    My graduate school experience was the same as you describe. Then I got my first job, worked it for eight years…and realized that wasn’t he career for me. So now I’m in another season of sacrifice as I build my new career!

  11. booksnbakery says:

    My hubby and i have been in this season since we got married – just over a year and a half – and sometimes it gets so frustrating to constantly have to be here but thank you thank you thank you for this reminder that there is a point/reason for it!

  12. Raewyn says:

    I believe that the season of sacrifice is so important to appreciate the good times. My family and I are having a very rough time, but I know that we will all be strong enough to get through it together.

  13. Cassie says:

    I am so happy to have come across this blog post. I am definitely going through a season of sacrifice. I just graduated college in December and was accepted (this week!) to a master’s program that I’ll start in the fall. It’s been a struggle to save money from my part time internship and still live at home (though I’m grateful my parents support me through school) but I’m hoping this season will let up soon. I have many interviews for full time jobs coming up in the next week and if I get one of them I’ll be able to at least rent my own apartment. I know the coming years will require more sacrifice, but I am looking forward to some small rewards along the way. It’s a long journey.

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