Liebster Blog Award Acceptance Part 2!


So if you read Part 1, you know that I was nominated twice for the Liebster Award! Click here to get a background on the Liebster Award as well as the rules.

I am accepting this 2nd Liebster Award from Jo at Curly Girl Confessions

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I initially started this blog as a financial advice blog and to also hold myself accountable for my financial goals. But I expanded it because I did not want to limit myself and felt that I had more to say!

2. What do you like about blogging?

I love that it kind of feels like a diary and that I am reaching people all over the world! Those two things keep me coming back..even with all that I have going on, I still find time to blog. It’s kind of like a form of therapy too!

3. What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote:

“Speak what you seek until you see what you’ve said.” – Marshawn Evans

4. What is your favorite form of social media?

It’s a tie between Instagram and Social Media

5. What is your favorite blog post?

My favorite blog post so far has been: You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

6. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Brainstorming! First, it was Financially Free with Fatima, and then when I decided to expand it, I could hear it clear as day, something told me to just simply call it “Freely Fatima”

7. Where is your favorite place to travel?

I love to travel to New York City.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I have a lot….. lol One of my biggest pet peeve is complainers. I cannot stand people who constantly complain.

9. What is your favorite movie or TV show?

My favorite TV show now is Scandal. I loved Girlfriends (Bring it back!!)

10. What is the hardest thing you have ever done, or the biggest obstacle you have faced in your life?

The hardest thing I have ever done was letting go of a relationship I was once in, but out of it I started dating the man who became my husband!

11. What are 3 of your future goals?

Build a house

Start my own business

Become debt free!

If you are interested in being nominated, please comment below and I will get in contact with you!, Click here and scroll down to view my questions

28 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award Acceptance Part 2!

  1. alesheadominique says:

    Yay for awards. And yes to letting go. You don’t know what God has for your until you do. And from my experience it’s always better.

  2. liv says:

    it’s soo good to learn more about you!!! Congrats on your nomination! it’s awesome!!! I to feel a level of accountability in having a blog. it’s interesting how it enhances your life that way!

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