5 Easy Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving

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Hey my lovely readers. It has been FOREVER since I have written a post. That’s because all of my writing efforts have been towards completing my graduate degree (two more semesters, woo hoo!!). I am so happy to see that you all are still reading and hanging on with me. It really really means a lot.

Well, believe it or not, Thanksgiving is coming, (YES!) and many of you like me, are preparing their houses for friends and family to come over and eat what I know will be delicious food, good football, and the best post-thanksgiving nap ever.

For me, this is the first year that I am hosting thanksgiving and it’s got me a little nervous. I want to share with you five tips that are keeping me on track, so that I am not feeling like a crazy woman. 

  1. Make a list! – This seems so simple, but really, how many of us go to the store without a list and leave not even getting what we came in for? Think of all the ingredients you will need to make all those delicious elements to your thanksgiving meal. You do not  want to be caught up in the store thanksgiving day scrambling for that last minute item.
  2. Shop early (If you have the room) – I’ve already started my food shopping for the big day. I haven’t gotten everything, but each time I go to the store, I try to cross one more thing off my thanksgiving shopping list. This also spreads out my costs over time, instead of having a huge food bill all at once.
  3. Ask for HELP! – You don’t have to do it all yourself and quite honestly, you shouldn’t be expected to. If someone asks you for help, instead of saying no, find something for them to do. It could be as simple as setting the table, or making sure that the stuffing doesn’t burn. You’ll thank them in the end!
  4. Accept that everything will not be perfect and be okay with that. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to having people over at my house. I am always reminding myself that no one is expecting everything to be perfect. Enjoy yourself. Life isn’t perfect, so thanksgiving doesn’t have to be. Remember, this is the time to be thankful for your life, family, and so much more.
  5. RELAX and go with the flow. – Enough said. This is just like #4. Don’t tense up because your 3 year old niece spilled her juice again. It’s okay, no worries! Clean it up and keep moving.
  6. (bonus) – Use fancy plasticware so you don’t have to worry about dishes. This is especially for those of you who will have a lot of people over, let fancy plasticware be your best friend.

Enjoy, my friends. We are just 11 days away! And never forget to give thanks everyday.

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