Earn Money from Your Online Purchases!

Earn Money

I loveeee to shop online..who doesn’t? Couch. blanket. tv. laptop. online sales. My perfect Saturday!  If you haven’t heard of EBATES, you have been missing out!!

I have been a member of Ebates.com since 2008 and so far have been paid a total of $206.77 on my online purchases. I’m expecting a check for $33.08 on August 15 of this month. I found Ebates when I was searching for ways to save on textbooks when I was in undergrad and have continued to use it since then..but now I use it for everything Continue reading

Honey, we need to talk…

Discussing finances

If you are in a serious relationship, discussing finances are as important as discussing marriage. Knowing where you each stand financially is so important before making big decisions as a couple.

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t omit the truth from your loved one. A lie begets a lie and could be detrimental in the long run. Be open to share.

Come to the conversation prepared. If you need to print out credit bills or loans that you are paying on, bring those statements with you. You may even want to bring a copy of your credit report. Ask your partner to do the same. Continue reading

Student loans paid off in 10 years!!

How You Can


So….have you ever felt like you’re NEVER going to pay off your student loans? Are you so overwhelmed at the amount of student loans that you have to pay back? Have you thought about being a professional student forever so that you just keep putting off payments?  🙂 When I did my exit counseling after graduate school, I was just in shock. I was desperately trying to figure out how I would pay my loans back without going in the hole, or something that would help me along the way. Continue reading

The Dangers of Keeping Up with The Joneses


It’s simple. Don’t spend money you don’t have to buy things you don’t need to keep up with people who could really care less..

We’ve all looked at things other people have and wanted them for ourselves.

I remember when my husband and I were engaged, my father in law took us on the west side of Rochester and he showed us where he and my mother in law lived when they first got married. The purpose was to show us how they started off.  He said something so profound and it has stuck with me to this very day. Continue reading

Dating on a Budget


Valentines day is coming up and who doesn’t love a nice date? Well, I guess it depends if you’re paying! Dates are great, but they can become expensive really quick. I mean, to go the movies for two is pushing $50. Movie tickets are between $10-$15 a person, and let’s not even get started on the cost of popcorn, candy, and a drink! Now, this in no way means that you can’t splurge every now and then, but doing it all the time can break the bank! Continue reading