30 Days of Gratitude – Day 22 – FaceTime!

30 Days of Gratitude  Freely Fatima

Today, I am thankful for FaceTime! Yes, FaceTime! I guess in contrast to day 20, when I talked about being unplugged, being connected is not so much of a bad thing either. It’s good to have balance. Today, I was blessed by technology because we were able to include my brother all the way in Miami in the little birthday celebration we had for my dad at my grandmother’s house. He was soo happy to see his family and so was I! It was great. My grandmother who doesn’t even have internet at her house was able to see her grandson, we were able to laugh and joke, it was like he was right there in the room with us. We sang happy birthday and everything. It seems like technology can either bring us closer together or push us further apart, but I’m grateful that it gave us the chance to be together as a family ❤

What are you grateful for today?

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30 Days of Gratitude – Day 20 – Sister


 30 Days of Gratitude  Freely Fatima

I have not blogged in 7 days! Why? I thought I would have access to internet on my cruise, but I was sadly mistaken. I was completely unplugged…which was actually quite liberating. I am grateful for my time off. I went to the Bahamas with my sister in law, niece, and 97 other women. It was such a blessing and such fun. What I loved most about this trip was the time I spent with my sister. I did not grow up with sisters, but I have been blessed with women in my life who have acted as such..women who have been there for me, been a shoulder to cry on, to encourage me, laugh with me…well my sister in law has been all of that and more


I’m so so grateful for her. More than words can say. We have only been sisters for about a year and a half but yet it feels like we have known each other for a lifetime…I mean we were finishing each other’s sentences! lol She is an awesome mom, wife, and a beautiful example of what it means to be a lady and a woman of God. I just constantly thank God for bringing us together through our husbands (our husbands are brothers!) xoxo


(My niece, me, sister)

What are you grateful for? ❤ Share with me

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: My Weekend Getaway

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder: My Weekend Getaway | Freely Fatima

Have you ever had one of those weekends where everything went just perfect? All of your plans fell into place, you were surrounded by great people, good weather, good food…just good everything! I was initially away starting Thursday for work but ended staying for the weekend to spend some time with friends. After doing this, I realized that I need to do it more often. I was in the company of fabulous women who I have been friends with since college. Even though we aren’t always on the phone everyday or even every month, when we get together, we just pick up where we left off. It’s a beautiful thing.

I have never wanted to get so caught up in my marriage that I did not spend enough time with my friends. While the first year of marriage is always an initial adjustment, it’s important to have a healthy balance of being with your husband, being with your friends, and just being alone!

Healthy separation allows me to Continue reading

10 FUN Fall Inspired Date Ideas

10 FUN fall inspired date ideas | Freely Fatima

My husband and I are always trying to find different and fun things to do when we plan our date nights. Dating is so essential in cultivating a good relationship, but there’s so much more to do than dinner and a movie!

With fall coming (it’s already here in Upstate NY!) why not go on some dates to enjoy the beautiful fall season? Here are my top 10 fall inspired date ideas for you and your beau!
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Breakup to Makeup: 5 Simple Secrets to Stay Together

Break up-2

I believe, that for every couple that breaks up, there are two that are trying to work it out. The media glorifies celebrity break ups and couple scandals way more than marriages. The sanctity and seriousness of marriage has been reduced to game playing. We don’t see many TV shows about thriving marriages or relationships, but we are seeing volatile, unhealthy relationships that almost always end up in divorce and/or brokeness. Whether we like it or not, our behaviors and thoughts about the world are greatly influenced by what we see and hear.

When you have God in your relationship, nothing is supposed to get in-between what God has joined together. Out of the hard times, can flourish an even tighter bond and closer connection. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-divorce, but I am pro-marriage. I am in no way saying that if the relationship is not working, that you should stay and remain unhappy. Some relationships are here to teach us something, and are not meant to be permanent, however there are those relationships that are meant to be everlasting with no expiration date

Here are the five simple things you should do to stay together: Continue reading

A Prayer For My Brother

A Prayer For My Brother

My brother, Ken and I are two years apart and he is one of my best friends in the whole world. Growing up, he was the homebody, and I was always the independent one. When we became teenagers, I was the one who talked about going far off to college, traveling abroad, living across the country. He was the one who said he wanted to stay home for college and be close to Mom and Dad. It’s funny because what ended up happening was, the complete opposite. For undergrad, I went to school only 3 hours away in the same state,  and ended up going to grad school even closer. Ken went away to school in a different state. Yes, I traveled abroad, and briefly lived in California, but it was my brother who ended up venturing off further, and at a younger age than I did. For grad school, my brother is going to the University of Miami a whole 1,500 miles away (insert tears here).

I pray that he is covered and reaches all the goals and is offered all the opportunities that God has for him. I pray that God opens doors in ways that he can’t even imagine. I pray that he increases his knowledge base so that he can be the best in his field.  I pray that God gives him strength during this season of preparation and study. I pray that he continues to be a man of standard and that his faith and knowledge of our Heavenly Father increases. This is only the beginning! In Jesus’ name pray, Amen.

In light of recent issues with the execution of Mike Brown, this prayer is particularly important. Even as an educated man, he remains a threat to society for simply being a Black man. I could be afraid, I could be worried but I know he is in God’s hands. In Dr. King’s famous speech I Have a Dream, he reminded us that”out of a mountain of despair is a stone of hope.” And you Ken, are a stone of hope. So, instead of being sad or worried bout him moving, I’m happy for him and excited to visit him in the Sunshine State. Help me congratulate and send well wishes to my brother!

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