Cleaning Chronicles: The TOP 5 Benefits of a Clean House

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Have you ever cleaned so much out of your house that it feels like when you just moved in? (Lol!)

That was me this weekend. I cleaned out my closet. It was time, I needed to. I was getting to this point:


A closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear” is definitely my sign to start getting rid of stuff. I freed up like 20 hangers and I was like yes!! I can get some new stuff –then I looked over on my bed and saw a heap of clothes that I hadn’t hung up because I literally had no hangers to do it with. So yeah, now I’m back down to 0 hangers. Then I came out of the bedroom into the living room -papers everywhere –then I went into the second bedroom—and that’s when I was like ok we need to clean up like serious clean..throw out some stuff organize get things back in order!! And that is exactly what we did. Everything was dusted, cleaned out, we had more room, we rearranged some things; cleaned out our second bedroom that was a dumping ground since we moved and now it’s an actual bedroom that someone could sleep in! and I started to think about the benefits of keeping a clean house: 

1. Sanity –yep a clean house keeps me sane. I feel like my thoughts aren’t all over the place; if I have something that I need to do, I can just sit down and do it!! Without thinking about all that needs to be done in the house.

2. Less bickering –Along with my saneness, I’m a lot less testy when the house is clean. Men, here’s a tip: If the dishes in the sink are dirty, you can clean them too!! (aha moment) Ladies have you ever been there when your man did something small that annoyed you but you made it a big deal because something in the house was messy? And he thinks you’re fighting about the thing that annoyed you but you’re really fighting about how messy the house is? –Please.. I can’t be the only one 😉


3.  Easy access –When things are in their respective places you aren’t tearing up your house to find that one thing you’ve been looking for. It’s right where it’s supposed to be and you just have to remember to put it back where you got it!

4. More open to having people over –I love having friends and family over and when I find myself saying “ about we meet at your house”  or “oh girl call me before you come” and then i go on a cleaning frenzy for 10 minutes. When your house is cleaner, you don’t think twice about having folks over, unless that’s just not your thing


5. Pleasing to the eye -Having a clean house just looks better! It makes you feel good on the inside when you walk in the front door and you aren’t tripping over shoes.

So now, I’m just going to work on keeping it this way!

What are some reasons you like to keep a clean home? Comment below!!

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11 thoughts on “Cleaning Chronicles: The TOP 5 Benefits of a Clean House

  1. Katie says:

    Every once in awhile I need to go on a real cleaning binge. But I always do it at the end of the weekend, so the full house doesn’t get done. And the hanger problem–such a bad problem haha.

  2. Dano says:

    We just cleaned and purged my wee ones room and closet and it was the most relieving thing! She can now easily keep her rooming order herself which leads to much less bickering and a relaxed mommy! Sharing this with my husband so he understands that its not just about cleaning, but a more relaxed home life! Thanks for this!

  3. Destiny says:

    I’ve moved 3 times in the past few months and have gotten rid of so many things! Having less things definitely helps me keep a clean house- and keeps me more sane too!

  4. Jillian@Baby Doodah! (@jillianmack) says:

    I love a clean house! I’ve actually been tossing around the idea of creating a chore list for myself and assigning dates / times to it. So, for instance, I know on Mondays I sweep and mop the kitchen floor. It ends up taking me 15 minutes, versus the 30+ it will take me now to get everything clean. You’ve inspired me! 🙂

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